University Admissions - Abroad

T he A chievers P rogramme ( TAP ) counselors have vast amount of experience working with college-bound students throughout the world as a prep school college counselor or  a college director of admissions or a college dean of admissions or as college dean of enrollment.


As a result, they are experts on admission process of universities in U.K, U.S. and Singapore and also advised students on financial aid options, and the college exam preparation.


The first step for students is to fill in TAP's Student Information Form (SIF).

After reviewing the information provided in the SIF Form, our counselors will provide assistance in identifying appropriate colleges and universities, then narrow down the search to few colleges which will  best suit the aptitude, academic record, interest of the students and would be an excellent option for your child.
In-house and online SAT coaching, Interview Prepartion, Proofreading, Offering Content Suggestions for college admissions Essays are also provided.
The starting point is filling up the Student Information Form (SIF) which can be downloaded free at Click here or you may request by sending us an email at or