Life Skills Workshops for Students
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Due to the opening up of the Indian economy and technological sea-change, schools have become acutely aware that teaching life/ soft skills for professional and personal success is as important as developing academic capability. Defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as "abilities for positive and adaptive behaviour that enable students to deal effectively with the demands and changes of everyday life", life skills, such as problem solving, decision making, good manners, communication and interpersonal skills, are highly valued in the job marketplace of India’s rapidly globalising economy. "Schools now relaise that examination success does not necessarily translate into workplace success. It requires something more than mugging up textbooks to be a successful and the missing link is the acquisition of life skills — capabilities which prepare children to cope with life’s diverse challenges. These skills, which need to be nurtured, help children tackle failure, relationships, sexuality, exam fears, rejection, peer pressure, and stress — problems which can severely affect their lives.
TAP offers these life skills workshops.