TAP School Consultancy:-

a) Design of New Schools

b) Upgrading of existing schools

c) Specific Projects, like - Library, new laboratories, hostels, dining hall, teachers center,     multimedia room, and more ..

d) Advisory services - on monthly retainer basis.

e) Efficient Technology investment for schools

We at  T he A chievers P rogramme ( TAP ), feel that the present system of education is outdated. It belongs to the industrial age .We need to put in a new system of education for the information /internet age. The aim of the curriculum development programme is to offer schools innovative and fun filled activities and resources which are more students centered than teacher centered.

The areas encompassing our work under the School Consultancy Division / Curriculum Development programme will cover following areas :

Staffing - Needs identified and subsequent desired action to be taken ,

Recruitment, Induction and Appraisal of Academic staff,

In-service training Of Academic Staff – Needs identified through the Appraisal System to ensure personal and professional development of staff,

Health Education - Programmes,

Social Welfare - Programmes,

Entrance Examinations for school,

Coaching for competitive exams,

Curriculum review - Books subjects offered, physical education, co-curricular activities etc.,

Curriculum workshops for students,

Spiritual Education Programme,

Special Education Programme,

Monitor career counseling,

Awareness of School’s heritage,

Establish links - With Institutes of Higher Education national and international,

Enhance opportunities for student responsibility and participation in the school,

According systems - Campus Financial Management ,

Complete accounting solutions for school inclusive of budgeting, consultancy/Software/cost economics,

Marketing of Schools - a planned strategy to market the school at the city/national level so that they can get the required number of students