Educational Tours & Treks

We at  T he A chievers P rogramme ( TAP ), have had wonderful experiences taking children out on these tours for last 18 years. We have taken children all over India, from Ooty in the south to Leh in the north and from Jagannath Puri in the east to Diu in the west. We believe that children learn more from each other in a challenging, adventurous and an open atmosphere.
Children should be made to rough it, they should be exposed to nature, wildlife, trekking and camping -India has so much to offer! Our children should be given a chance to explore all this richness and learn through it. Whatever has been learnt in the classroom through books needs to be reinforced through these trips, for e.g., the Sanchi stupa should not merely remain a black and white picture in the history books, but a three dimensional experience! We conduct three kinds of tours - historical tours, wild-life parks, camping and trekking in the Himalayas.
Activities like river-rafting, rock climbing, river crossing, rappeling, tent pitching, trekking - all are routine part of our educational tours. Visit to Bhitar Kanika Wild Life Sanctuary Orrissa - Asia's largest natural nesting habitat of the 300,000 odd Olive-Ridley marine turtles; Alang - on the coast of Gujarat, India's largest ship breaking yard,, here a regular feature is the literal dismantling of super tankers, container ships, war ships and other vessels by 20,000 workers, day and night.

All our treks are professionally managed and include following - Pick and drop from school, Travel by Deluxe Coach, Decent Clean and Comfortable tents, Whole some meals with at least one non vegetarian a day, Qualified and Experience tour escorts/guides, For Camping and Trekking Qualified instructors from National Institute of Mountaineering accompany the students, Certificates for obstacles courses undertaken during the trek, All Trekking and Camping Equipment.

Highest norms for safety are followed