Aims & Objectives

Our Aim is to prepare children for life.


As a company and parents ourselves, we at The Achievers Programme (TAP) believe that for every child to succeed in life, to acquire necessary skills, to become confident adults, to have healthy self-esteem, to find their true voices in this world, they must first love to learn. After all, when they love to learn, they learn. We help children find their true voices in this world. We believe every success, big or small, should be celebrated.


Achievers programme is a programme for parents who value real education more than school education, and are willing to take an active role to make that happen.


The current educational system is not providing all the information that your child needs. This programme is designed to fill in the vacuum.


Is your school preparing your child for the real world?


Is your school teaching your child how to survive financially in today’s and tomorrow’s world.


How can you make sure your child gets the real world education and guidance he/she needs.


You give your children life and love, but do you really understand how they learn? Achiever's programme is all about how your children think and learn best.


Our current education system has not been able to keep pace with technical changes in the world today.


We must teach our children scholastic, financial and emotional skills, so that they not only survive but also flourish in the world they will face tommorow.



Finding your child’s Genius 



Help your child to unlock the GENI


Education in Life Skills for Life.