Career counselling


T he A chievers P rogramme ( TAP ) career counseling sessions are innovative. We believe that no aptitude tests can tell a child what career is good for him/her. We believe that life has too many variables, surprises, changes. There are no ‘Hot Careers’ but rather ‘Hot You’. Popular or hot careers are not necessarily the right careers for everyone, might even turn out to be bad decisions, it is what is just right for you, suits your ambitions, passions, strengths and hobbies that determine ‘Hot’!



We want students to pick up a career by choice, not by chance, so   we     believe in giving all the information we can about a particular career. A person from that field, who has climbed the hierarchy, comes and has an interactive session with the student, which not only covers the how of the field(that is how to get into the field),but also what (day and to day pressures, relationships, salaries, job opportunities, growth opportunities) and why (is that the career for you-do your self match with that field). After the career talk is over we give them handouts, listing all institutes,courses,how to apply etc.,books to be read, trade journals and websites on that field. This is followed by industrial exposure training for the interested students-lasting for a minimum of 1 week and maximum 6 weeks; this is because we believe that unless you are in the pan you can’t feel the heat!