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20 Jul 2017
Ms. Rita Odumosu (U.K based) teacher training workshops 20th July to 18th Aug, 2017

Ms. Rita Odumosu's conducting teacher training workshop on "Developing Language & Learning Resources" for teachers of KG to 12th grade.

Aims & Objectives of workshop

. To provide opportunities for teachers to engage in practical activities, review models of

language promotion and devise specific materials to enhance their language diagnostics and


· To support and assist teachers to develop practical strategies, robust systems showing

nurturing, good care for monitoring behaviour and learning of children and young people.

· To provide space for invaluable reflection, discussions of key issues and develop solution

focussed insights and interventions

· To increase understanding of links between self esteem, self confidence, resilience and

importance of encouraging and facilitating good communication skills for now and in later